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Imbibis Craft Distillery 

Gin for the win!

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Located in South-East Queensland we have our Local, Award-winning Gin maker, Jason Hannay, Creator of Imbibis Craft Distillery.

Imbibis Craft Distillery has been around since June 2019 and since its inception visitors to his market stall have really taken to a gin that has won multiple awards around the world.

The Gin in comes in three delicious varieties, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a gin fan or just discovering a spirit that has endless possibilities, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s get to know Jason and his business a bit better-

What were you doing before you started your business?

I started off in the industry over two decades ago, I worked at Warrego Winery and after they closed in 2011 I moved to Flinders Peak Winery in Peak Crossing where I worked for seven years, before I got the idea of making my own gin

What do you enjoy about your business?

The thing I love about it is that it’s easy to make and get to the market. I also love brandy, but that can take up to three years to come together, so while that’s maturing, I keep busy with our very popular range of gins.

What are the different varieties of your Gin?

There’s firstly our Clarity Gin, which has a rich and generous flavour, led by juniper and citrus, with notes of lavender, callistemon, and galangal. Secondly there’s our Three Myrtles dry gin, which is our take on the classic London Dry gin, with some added native ingredients from the Aussie bush. Finally there’s our Passion Pink Gin which I describe as ‘think Turkish delight with red fruits and a dash of musk.”

What’s your most popular product?

People in the area go for the Passion Pink Gin, it’s the most popular variety, people here love it!

Tell us about your awards:

Every product that we've made so far, incredibly has won some sort of award. Silver medals have been the minimum we've been awarded both in Australian and international shows

What do you like about the Markets?

We are a small craft brewery, and luckily the rules changed so that we can sell our gin at markets, so Springfield is the perfect chance for people to see and taste our products. It’s a great market, we love coming here, we get many repeat customers

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