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Enfocar Photography

Bringing the World to you 

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Kellie Parry Travels the world, taking photographs of some of the most amazing places & so far has managed to visit 48 Countried around the world 

At the markets you'll find Kellie sharing some of the most beautiful & unique photos you've ever seen

Lets find out more about Kellie and her superb pics:


Growing up did you ever think you'd be travelling the world?

Well as a child I was never adventurous, but as an adult I find myself just wanting to get out there and explore

When did you decide to start seeling your photos?

When I was in Mexico I got the idea to bring my photos back to Australia & do this, so I chose the name 'Enfocar' as it's the Spanish word for focus

How long have you been doing photography?

Photography has been a hobby of mine since 2006, but I've recently focused on making photos available at markets for the past 6 or so years

What do you sell?

I sell photos and canvas prints of landscapes, seascapes & lots of close ups of little parts that make up the big city. I like to sometimes focus on the smaller things in life from all over the world. I ship my photos all the world and you can get them on canvas or as a standard photo which looks even more spectacular when framed. If I don’t have the size you want she can arrange it at the market for you in whatever size you require

How did COVID treat you?

I haven’t travelled overseas in the past 18 month’s but that wont stop me from travelling.  People at the markets are always interested in where I’ve been, love hearing my stories & ask me about how to get to some places. I often talk a lot with people about my travels as they find it so interesting

Do you have a favourite place?

If I had to choose I’d say Iceland. They have a very harsh & dramatic landscape but so beautiful. The way they live there is all organic, very natural, lots of renewable energy. I just love the way they do things as a country

Where are you off to next?

I believe I’m off to Mongolia & I’ll be doing a remote trip where I’ll need to ride a horse for two days. I was never adventurous until I started doing this, & now I travel the world by myself to get these photos

What do you like about the markets?

I love to meet and chat with people here. Everyone's so friendly & I enjoy telling my adventures to those who ask 

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