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Lambs Goodies 

Something for all ages

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It's a stall unlike any other & Leigh-Anne Baxter from Lambs Goodies loves the fact hat everything on her stall is made with love. If you're searching for a specific mini figure or something reasonable priced, it may be a good idea to have a shop  & a chat with Leigh-Anne 

 Here's what she has to say:


What do you sell?

Lambs Goodies are a collection of unique gifts &goodies, such as gag bags, survival kits, sentimental bags, hundreds of mini-figures & take home lockets, so you can make your own story in a locket. I also have crochet and knitted items plus handmade cards of all occasion’s shapes and sizes. I love handmade products because they are a gift made with love, and given with love

What made you start doing markets?

I was medically retired, and I was bored at home, so I decided 5 years ago to start my own market stall & that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years. I think Vic’s markets are the best around. They’re very well run. Come on down if you’ve never been here. The variety is huge & it’s a fantastic sport to shop

Who makes your products?

I make up many of the products myself and people love the variety in my stall. The big thing I have is a sense of humour, you have to have a sense of humour these days, so I pick out jokes and put them together in a bag, and create lots of fun things that really put a smile on people’s faces

Why is it called Lambs goodies?

It’s because those are the initials of my full name, so even the name of the stall is personal

What's your goal?

To provide items at a cost that is affordable by all. Kids with their and adults, the big kids. I just want to entertain everyone

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