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Mag Pain Relief

Magnesium is magic

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Depending how old you are, do you remember those old Tv ads by the guy from Remington who said he 'loved his shaver so much he bought the company'? Its a similar story with Stephen Pettitt & Magnesium Pain Relief.

After he tried everything to helpwith his chronic back pain, he tried something different after eatching his father have success with one major ingredient. Today he travels all over the South-East sharing the secrets of a little chemical called magnesium.

 Lets find out more about Stephen and his Magical product:


What does magnesium do?

Magnesium plays about 18,000 different roles in our bodies. Men will go through about 400 milligrams in a day, woman around 350, and science is finding more uses all the time. To be honest every function of the body needs magnesium in some form

What is Magnesium Pain Relief?

Mag Pain Relief are magnesium-based products, most commonly in a cream format, which you rub onto the painful area and it will get to the bone within about 10 minutes and help with that pain

What sort of products do you have?

We have one form which is a spray, just do that under your tongue four times a day and you have 100% of your magnesium needs for the day. We have creams, sprays, and even bath flakes, so you can soak while you bathe. Whatever way you use it, there’s a solution to help with pain.

When did you start selling magnesium?

I’ve been doing these products since 2012, my dad started using them the year before. I saw what it did for him, and I gave it a go after seeing how well it worked for him. I had chronic back pain dating back to 1998. For me it took about three months and I eventually stopped taking pain relief tablets. Mag Pain Relief is natural, so everything in it the body can use in some way

Where are you located?

I drive here from Oakey each month, I really love the environment at Springfield, all kinds of people come through and it’s got a great feeling to it

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