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Tracys Handmade Designs

Handmade with love

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Tracy is an industrious mum who has found a way to get creative and generate extra income, all while being as present as possible for her family. 
Crafting her colourful hair accessories can take place around whatever is happening with the kids. It’s also a flexible solution to a second family income stream with her husband serving in the defence force

 We interviewed Lauren & here's what she shared:


Whats your point of difference?

I make sure I’m covering all the latest trends. Bluey’s been the latest theme at the moment. I try to make as much of it as I can because it sells so quickly

When did you start doing markets?

Well  we moved to Queensland in 2014 & I gave up my nursing career and just did markets

Do you make it all yourself?

Yes! I Machine sew the fabric strips, I thread the elastics and hand sew to finish and that’s just for scrunchies! I make all my bows & headbands too but the more I do it the easier it gets

Anything in particular you like making the most?

Scrunchies, it’s something that I’ve recently started to do & its nice having something to different in the mix

How long have you been doing markets?

We’ve been with Vic’s Markets for 5 years now. The managements here is lovely, the best. I do a lot of markets & Vic is the best organiser, she looks after us & is very approachable & just great

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