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Pete's Honey

The Honey as it comes out of the Beehive

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There’s a serenity about Pete and Bronwyn that you come to associate with market folks doing what they love. In fact, Pete is happy to share that he has recently walked away from a high-paying job to tend to his beloved bees, which will earn the couple many times less.

Along with their superb honey, Pete and Bronwyn are extremely proud of their honeycomb, which is not only lovely on a cheese platter, but has powerful healing properties, especially when chewed

 Lets find out more:


What makes your honeycomb different from the rest?

We don’t give the bees a foundation strip to build the honeycomb on. We say to our girls “We want honeycomb” and they say “Well, aright”. We provide that space for them, and they do the whole lot themselves, it’s 100% bee made

Is your honey ethical?

What we do is done to the highest standards of ethics, purity, and quality. All honeys are from forests and, climate issues permitting, varietal. No feeding of sugar syrup, pollination work or heat treatment takes place

Is there anything else you want to add? 

We’re excited to share that we are expanding, making 200 new bee hives! We’re so happy to be continuing our wholesome hobby- its definitely become a much loved lifestyle and livelihood

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