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Are you sick of your wax melts scent not lasting long? So was Kylie, Creator of Mimi’s Melts. She loves wax melts but was tired of the scent not lasting long, so she took matters into her own hands. In February 2021 she started to make her own longer lasting aromas. A few weeks later she found herself creating desert themed candles, which are as popular as the melts, and from there it just blew out of control

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Why did you start doing markets?

Just something to do on weekends, plus I was running out of friends to give melts too & the money to make them

How did you go when you first started doing markets?

We've only started doing them in June/July this year. We started off at Ripley & Slowly kept doing more I was very nervous; I didn’t even have my own marquee – I was very dependent on the people next to me. I borrowed stuff from Em’s Bath & Beauty (another regular stall holder) for like a month

Which one is your favourite Market?

My favourite markets is Ripley because it’s such a relaxed vibe compared to the other markets, It’s like a little community. I like meeting all the different people here, they’re nice

Does anyone help you with your business?

My oldest daughter (pictured above) does some of her own markets for me & we take a little one each. The kids enjoy coming to the markets

What's been the biggest challenge with your business?

Knowing when to introduce a few things at a time. It’s easier to keep adding things

What would you tell someone who's just starting or wanting to start their business?

Make sure you are doing something you love, It doesn’t feel like I’m working while I’m doing what I love

Whats your relationship like with your customers?

Good, I haven’t had any complaints about anything. We’ve had a lot of repeated customers. Hopefully they enjoy our products. We’ve had a lot of good reviews on out products about how long they last and how strong they smell

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