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Rocks and Things 

"We stick together, but we welcome new people..."

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It’s an iconic, idyllic market scene. While Wendy tends the busy stall, her partner, granddaughter and their dog are enjoying the sunshine nearby. Soon, Wendy will take a break and the whole family will come together for lunch on the grass.  


This is among the many social interactions Wendy has dearly missed during the recent COVID-19 shutdown of Springfield Markets.

Lets find out more-

How long have you been doing markets for?

Around 6 years now I believe

How did you start off? 

I made and sold candles, then added kids capes and fairy outfits, but then I really started falling for crystals and Tibetan Singing bowls. I now sell anything from rock bracelets, to crystals, wood art and all sorts. You’ll find something different each time, otherwise you’ll have people coming in and saying “Oh you had this last time”

Why do you do it? 

It's always been about growth, variety and eclecticism for me

What's  your favourite product? 

The Tibetan singing bowls will always hold a special place in my heart . They'll do everything a crystal does plus more! When someone purchases a bowl I usually have to teach them how to use it, Which feels like a rich experience for both of us

What did you miss during Covid?

People, I've missed people. I missed my regulars. I have people that come in that Ive been  selling to for four to five years now 

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