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Scenic Rim Lavender

Lavenders all you need

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Ask Nathan and Kathy at Scenic Rim Lavender what their favourite colour or their favourite flower is, chances are you’ll have guessed by the time you finish your sentence.

 This is a couple that lives and breathes Lavender, in so, so many ways.

 We spoke to Nathan About his business & here's what he shared:

What do you love about it?

It has so many amazing properties & it can help with many different problems but best of all it just smells amazing. It's hard to describe if you've never smelt it before but I guess the best way to explain it is sweet and floral 

What are the benefits of Lavender?

Health-wise , the benefits of Lavender are varied. Often used as a cure for insomnia & anxiety. Lavender can also help treat skin blemishes, reduce blood pressure, help with asthma & relieve pain

What sort of products do you sell?

At our stall you'll find more than 20 different kinds of products, in multiple varieties all with that magical ingredient. We have Lavender massage oils, salts, pillows, wheat bags, oils, lollies, lip balm , plus an amazing range of foods that Kathy bakes at home. These include Lavender, Fudge, Honeycomb & the very popular Rocky Road. We also sell meal signs & native plants so theirs something for everyone 

Where do you get your Lavender from?

We grow our flowers in Victoria & have them shipped  up in huge amounts where we then process them and turn them into all the products you'll find for sale

How long have you been dealing with Lavender?

For over a decade we've been putting Lavender into everything we do, we love it & we hope you'll fall in love with it too 

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