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Earring Addiction

Addiction at its finest

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Lauren Williams is an addict, just ask her, she admits it. Fortunately her addiction to earrings has hit a note with locals at the Markets who adore her unique, funny, fashionable and imaginative range 

 Lets find out more:


Why did you start doing it?

It was just a little thing I started doing just making some earrings at home, experimenting with clay and other materials and then I became obsessed with it 

How long have you been making them for?

Well I started 3 years ago & I'm still an avid wearer of earrings, but of course now I have my own stall at the markets where I can share the love with locals

What sort of earrings do you make?

All sorts that suit all tastes. No matter what you want I can turn it into an earring, I do logos, sayings, animals& characters. Chances are you'll find something out of the ordinary, along with hundreds of cool colourful and fashionable earrings. I like to have a diverse range, I'm always keen to try something new, often with urban designs, It's still a hobby, that's the way I look at it. I'm someone that used to just wear studs in my ears & now the sky's the limit with designs 

Where do you get your ideas?

I get my ideas from online, nature, just everywhere honestly, I like to make every creation something unique, which makes people happy. Each earring has an influence that is specific to that design

Do you have any repeat customers?

I have many customers that come to me again & again because they love that fact that the range always has something new. Its always good to see my regulars & new customers at each market, they always smile when they see the design. I just love making and sharing these earrings with the community

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