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Earth Angels Fairy Garden

Fairy Good Fun!

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One stall at the markets captures the imaginatio of not just children, but those who want to live in a world of magic, fairies and angels. 

She's turned this admiration into a business & her stall Earth Angels Fairy Garden is one where you'll be transported into a land of wonder, which you can take home. 

 Lets find out more:


How did you start out?

I started by making a few Garden Gifts , when I saw my friends reactions from it I realised that by making things like I can make people feel good

What do you love about it?

I'm all about everything that's magical , this is the stuff that we all grew up with. We are used to having high stress jobs & every now & then we might get a chance to get away & enjoy life, so why not have a little bit of magic in your home? That's why I love what I do 

What is Earth Angels Fairy Gardens?

It's a collection of ornaments, decorations & Items to make your world a little bit more magical

Do you have repeat customers?

I have customers that start building their own fairy garden or start with some ornaments & then they come back to get more to add to it. Over the years many people have come back to me because they find that our products are good quality & a great value for money. It's a labour of love, it brings me so much joy to see the smiles on peoples face it. They make it all worth it

Anything else we should know?

I do custom orders for fairy gardens, themed garden & terrariums 

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