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Amoore Bali Imports 

A little bit of Bali

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Paula Reynolds likes nothing more than going on a buying trip because it means she gets to bring a bit of Bali home with her every time 

She loves the place so much that not only does it make it her holiday spot of choice & has set up relationships with many locals in Bali who supply her with an amazing range of arts & craft which you can use to decorate your home 

 Lets find out more:


What made you choose to sell these items?

There's just something about the Balinese style of home decor & furniture taht I fell in love with many years ago & I want to share it with my customers who find the pieces unique 

What do you sell?

We have garden statues, furniture, handicrafts, wall hangings, driftwood, jewellery, chimes, essential oils, mirrors, shelving and lots more!

Where do you source your items?

It's from Bali because we just love it. There's a certain feeling you can get from these items, & it comes through from the people there. When we source stock , we  go high up in the mountains to see the handicrafts &many of our suppliers have become friend. Usually we go twice a year but when we can't we import the stock for our customers, Many of our items come from small family-owned business and most items are handmade and hand finished

Is there anywhere else we can buy your items?

We have a shop out at Laidley, but our focus is on markets, where most of our customers like to see what's new each time

How long have you been doing this?

We've been importing goods from Bali for over 15 years so chances are if youre after something special, you should come and see me!

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