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Mad Plant Ladies 

Join the Plant Revolution!

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Everyone loves a good plant & it’s not hard to find one that suits your skills whether you’re a beginner or an expert at caring for them if you visit the Mad Plant Ladies.

Locally based in the South-East Queensland Region, The Mad Plant Ladies are a Mother-Daughter Group who are really, really Mad about Plants!

The business is the brain child of Janey Chadwick and it’s so popular that chances are you’ll also find one of Janey’s three daughters helping to run the stall that is absolutely jam packed with plants and gifts for every home. Lauren has been alongside Janey, her mum since the very start & says that what they sell covers all budgets and tastes.

 We interviewed Lauren & here's what she shared:


When did you start your business?

We started about 6 years ago selling Succulents, fast forward to now and we have a variety of indoor plants plus other plant related products.

What do you sell?

In our stall you’ll find indoor plants, door mats, gift boxes, cacti, hydroponic plants, succulents, macramé hangers, pots jewellery & so much more! What we have varies constantly, so you can come & check us out at the markets or online to see what we have in stock!

What is your customer base like?

All the time we get people who have had no luck with plants, confessing to us that they’re plant killers. We do have some start plants that are aimed at beginners and even have an SOS Helpline where they can call us anytime & ask advice so that they can allow your plants to grow & flourish!

How many plants do you think you have?

Honestly I’m not to sure but if I had a dollar every time my boyfriend said ‘no more plants in the house please’ I’d be able to retire.

What do you like about plants?

I just love how it makes a room feel when you have plants all around you, it’s the best!

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