“To me this isn’t a job: this is me.”

Naturally Nerine’s

It all began as a hobby for Nerine, ten years ago now. “I had a very stressful job, so this was my outlet. Then, when we moved down here six years ago, I turned this into my job.” In fact, a fascinating piece of Nerine’s history is that she was previously a police officer in the intelligence unit. She has also worked in Employment and Training with indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

Nerine’s speciality now is scented candles, melts and handmade soap. “My point of difference is probably my product knowledge. I test everything. I’d have to say, my experience and my product knowledge. And I really do have a passion for it.” Nerine particularly enjoys the creative process of crafting the handmade soaps. “That’s what I started making years and years ago for my husband because he’s got sensitive, precious skin,” she says.

Nerine has missed the camaraderie of the stallholders during the COVID-19 shutdown, and also catching up with her regular customers. As we’ve seen, she’s not alone. “I think that’s a testament to the fact that this really is a people’s market. Everyone gets along well and we’re a family.” Nerine is particularly looking forward to reacquainting

herself with Val, the Cupcake Lady. “She makes the most delicious cupcakes and she actually knows how to make Swiss butter cream properly…just divine, it’s like silk.”

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