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Tulip Blue and Bow-tie Pets

Amanda and Andrew

Amanda and Andrew made the move from Hervey Bay to Brisbane two years ago. Springfield Markets was one of the first markets they began doing, though they’ve been living the market lifestyle for close to five years now. Tulip Blue giftware was their original stall. “We started off with mugs, cushions and bags, just things I could make at home,” Amanda explains. “We moved more into personalising things…then the doggies came along as well.”

Along with the doggies came an extension of the personalised gift theme, a key product being the timber pet signs. “We’ve done quite a few for puppies that have passed, or for birthdays.” Amanda and Andrew can even convert people’s photos into one. “That’s probably the most favourite, being able to do that for people,” Amanda says.

Like the other stallies, Amanda and Andrew have dearly missed the monthly markets and the face-to-face interaction. “That’s what we look forward to,” says Amanda. “When you own your own business, you spend all week in front of a sewing machine…a computer, and the weekend is about getting out…to have had that taken away from us for so long, it’s been really hard.” Among things missed has been the proximity of the pretzel stall, Amanda’s favourite.

Amanda and Andrew’s fun fact, and among things that Vicki and the team may not know, is that the couple had fire trucks as their wedding cars. “We met in the fire brigade; we were volunteers…Andrew’s dad was the captain. So, what else would we have!”

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