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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

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It’s an iconic, idyllic market scene. While Wendy tends the busy stall, her partner, granddaughter and their dog are enjoying the sunshine nearby. Soon, Wendy will take a break and the whole family will come together for lunch on the grass. Sue’s Turkish Gozleme is often a favourite. This is among the many social interactions Wendy has dearly missed during the recent COVID-19 shutdown of Springfield Markets. “People. I missed people. I missed my regulars. I have people that come in that I’ve been selling to for four, five years,” says Wendy. “We were busy the whole time, I learned new skills. I learned how to do wood-burning”.

It’s always been about growth, variety and eclecticism for Wendy. When she started doing markets six years back, she made and sold candles, soon adding kids’ capes and fairy outfits. Then came the jewellery and one of their central attractions, the crystals. “You always have to have new crystals, because they know what you’ve got and they come in and say ‘Oh, you had that last time’”.

Though the crystals are much-beloved, it’s the beautiful Tibetan singing bowls that hold a special place in Wendy’s heart. “The singing bowls will do everything that a crystal will do, plus more,” she enthuses. The sale of a singing bowl will often go beyond a simple transaction, as Wendy usually has to teach her customers how to use them, which is a rich experience for both. And, speaking of rich experiences, Wendy tells me that they’ve had grandbabies every year for five years and that there’s another one on the way!

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